Rose- SAI Test2

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All of Atsume`s poems are thought up by her, and only few are actually performed or said aloud, and most are seldom talked about. They are very personal to her, and she is extremely defensive, and states that the reason that she doesn`t want her poems read is her undeniable fear of needles. When she is questioned on what needles have to do with anything, she either ignores the person, changes the subject, or states, "If ANYONE read my poems, they`ld send me to a mental institution. I DON`T DO NEEDLES!!!!!" and walks away muttering in a delerious state to herself about crazy people and the problems with the world and how can people be so smart, yet so stupid. Here are some of Atsume`s most memorable poems.

The Poems:

The Difference

Seeing Things

Dream of a Dream

The Lord`s Prayer


The Flame




The Dreamer



Cry for Help

The Thief


Life (not really a poem but more of a personal opinion on people and their reactions to the little things)