Atsume Hana. Let`s see.... hmm... well, she`s the youngest of the main characters, and is the most emotional. She is constantly breaking up fights and arguements between Akai and Nikki, who are practically her sisters.


Atsume is a tall girl, though she appears small in stature. She seems timid, even though later on you see how she is actually quite bold and daring. Her hair is a light brown color and her eyes are a darker brown. She commonly wears pigtails, but will change her hairstyles depending on the attitude she wishes to give off. She is commonly found wearing blue jeans with a white undershirt and a lilac colored gei top.


When you first meet Atsume, the first impression you get is innocent. And that`s true. But there is a suprisingly morbid girl hiding behind this child. She enjoys writing poetry, and is often found recording her thoughts in a small pink book (which strongly resembles a diary, but Atsume prefers to call it a journal, for the purpose of she "can`t stand the word diary!". She reinforces this by punching anyone who calls it a diary, and in one case, when two senior boys are making fun of her and her "diary", the next thing you see is an ambulence and Atsume running along with Nikki and Akai laughing and saying "Well they deserved it!").

Atsume's Poems