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They grew up together as a gang of spunky, creative kids, but as they prepared to start high school, everything changed. Akai Shikyo is a 14 year old kid with a really bad past- both her parents were murdered when she was only three years old. When her brother, Kao is murdered too, she goes against everything she ever stood for. She becomes a Sakiru (japanese mafia). Shortly after being initiated into her new life as a sakiru, Atsume Hana (13) and Rosetta Basting(14) demise a plan- a plan to get their old friend back. Now with Akai in partnership with a gang of law defying criminals, she has become the ultimate rebel with no morals for the ways of the good.

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Hinote Ameagari is Japanese for "fire after the rain". Fire After the Rain (or FAR) is a new age doujinshi (self published) anime. Original sketches will be periodicly be placed on the site for the public to view and for people to get a glimpse of what exactly is happening "behind the scenes". Also, we will be posting video clips and manga pages. With this being said, have fun!


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