Headphones sorta like his, except more of a musical note on it

Makoto Tetsuya is an upper classmen to the other three main characters. He seems to be fearless, funny, and confident to his lower-classmen friends. Unfortunately, if only his life were that simple. What the others don`t know (save for one of them) is that thats all just a mask, to make him seem like he is the carefree one of the group. The reality is that he is under a tremendous amount of pressure between unrelenting teachers and his home situation. The only thing that allows him to escape is one thing: Music. Whenever he gets the chance, he uses music to escape, whether its playing instruments, writing music, or simply listening to music, Makoto is by all means, a music junkie. He is always wearing his trademark headphones, and so far he has not made it known what music he listens to. He is a musical enigma, and maybe one of the three other characters can figure out the mystery that is Makoto Tetsuya. He definitely has a renegade side though, as a secret member of his Sakiru group.


School appearance: Long dark hair, usually wearing a jacket of sorts. Always has headphones either on head or around neck.

Sakiru appearance: Hair is slicked back, usually wearing shades, and the scar over his right eye is paritally visible, and wears a suit, when he feels like it (which is often). To be fair, he`s rather unpredictable, so its hard to say what this Sakiru does... 6' 2" aproximately 165pounds.


Makoto is u sually relaxed and calm, although he occasionally lashes out on bad days. He is very intellegent, but rarely shows it because, as he puts it, "It`s better to be underestimated than overestimated." He is also a very formidable fighter who studied akido and various other martial arts. He has a preference towards using various bladed objects, such as daggers or swords.